The Resolutions.

Every year, the masses conduct a “New Year’s Resolution,” some actually follow through with it, while others attempt it for the first few days, and the rest of us—just don’t do it. Why are we such lazy people? With all the marketing circulating towards “eat more” (thanks to the fast food industry), “buy more” “look like this”; advertisement like this, can definitely be the least bit—FRUSTRATING. That’s why it’s always important to stay focused (the first aspect is sticking with your New Year’s Resolution).  Whether your dieting, cutting out sodas or holding back on the sweets; all success begins with focus.* So start your new year off right. Below are some of 2013’s most anticipated changes.

1)   Dieting: Diets all start with focus and determination, and not just laying  low on certain foods. To really succeed you really need to set aside a good set of foods (yes, veggies and fruits), a good physical regime as well as switching back good ole H20.  Remember, fast food isn’t a convenience (it’s a health hazard). Start back up with the good, natural foods and get your body back to the basics…it’s the least you could do.

2)   Changing Your Look: This Is the fashion requirement. Remember, New Year—new you. So start rearranging what is just sitting in your closet  and rock the style you always wanted. You know how you dress is the character that the rest of the world meets. (It’s the nonchalant representation that is given to the world.) Become the real you, so get funky, or get sophisticated. Style is the self-representation that is given to the world (never forget that!..I mean why do you think image is everything to Hollywood?)

3)   Laying Off The Sugars: Having too much sugar is bad in general. Sugar will not only cause fatty-ness to those curves but it will make you hyper and (is a leading cause to stress and anxiety!) So quit with the  sodas, quit with the cakes, stay away from that (non-cocoa) chocolate! Be smart, stick with the stuff filled with health benefits, not the stuff that makes you anxious or (bloaty).


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