Positivity is the Key.

In a world full of negativity, it’s understandable that thinking of only the best—can be quite difficult. Yes, you have many worries; from bills to children to staying on top of your physical looks to keeping your marriage alive. Life can be difficult…to say the least. But in any situation, at any time, you should always try your best to stay positive* Let’s further discuss the attributes in why staying positive is not only beneficial to your relationships but for your health. (But we’ll keep it short and simple in this next paragraph—100+ Reasons to Stay POSITIVE).

For one positive thinking increase your libido, which is good for those who have struggling relationships with others. It also boosts your self-confidence—which will in effect change your position in your life. Positive thinking increases your life span; ever remember the term—thinking outside the box? With positivity you lower the risk of depression, stress and anxiety. (Duh!) Negative thinking puts you at greater risk at being sick; did you know that positive thinking is a huge resistance to the common cold? Positive thinking overall treats your psychological and physical well being, how crazy is that? Reducing your risk of death from certain diseases—is one of the most unknown facts to positive thoughts. BUT THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR IN POSITIVE THINKING: Coping skills—during hard times and stress—which is one of the best attributes that positivity can evoke.

So in any situation, at any time—never let the worst, overshadow your best. A positive thought is ten times more powerful than a negative thought. According to one medical study, smiling for twenty minutes a day is far more effective than anxiety medicines that are used to treat depression. So what is the pseudo-science here? What effects your smile/laughter/happiness? What makes you the happiest? There are many questions that are at stake here, but the first step into becoming a more positive being, is to eliminate the negativity but looking at the future—with a smile.

Stay Healthy. Be Beautiful.

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