Bum Bum Contest!

The Miss Brazilian Bum Bum Pageant is only in its second year! And congrats to this year’s winner Camila Vernaglia! If you think Camila should be ranked the top of Brazil’s sexist butt list let us know @MyHotSecrets we’d like to know!!

This year Brazil celebrates your big sexy bum bum with their annual cheeky contest to show off their world class famous asset (Booty)! This sexy contest is only once a year, and if you have what it takes you can enter the contest too!


This attention grabbing contest is of course beloved by us butt-loving Brazilians! If you think you have a butt that’s big enough to enter a world contest and win let us know @Myhotsecrets!

Take the poll: Do you think such a contest should exist ranking that backside for shape, fullness, firmness, and roundness?


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the dancer

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Going Hard!

Going Hard! Do you want to achieve the body of your dreams? Do you want to accomplish your greatest fitness goals? In life we need to always push things to the limit. The term Go Hard, is often tiImagemes used in the Gym right? But, it can also apply to your everyday life, becoming a philosophy for success! Going hard, basically means putting in that extra bit of effort that you normally wouldn’t put in, rather it’s the gym, work, school, or play. Going hard, is the opposite of getting comfortable or lax. When your comfortable you fail to put forth that kind of effort that you otherwise would. That’s why the term Go Hard is usually used in the gym because the muscles get too comfortable quickly and doesn’t respond to the same exercises done at the same level and intensity. So, to challenge your muscles you should increase the level of intensity for each work. When you apply this to the gym, you can step up your game to the next level by challenge yourself with every workout. Going hard is nothing more than a mentality that challenges that Gorillia instinct inside all of us that screams push it to the limit! Whenever you workout in the gym your mindset should be one that aims for perfection and push it to the limit. In the gym when you’re aiming for perfection you’ll learn to develop and sculpt your body like an artist painting a perfect picture. Isn’t this exciting news! You’re the artist and your body is the canvas, now it’s time to paint the picture you’ve always wanted to see!!!Image Striving for perfection will always inspire you to put forth that extra effort. However the pay-off is true amazing, and the results are substantial. You have to  understand that you are the creative designer of your very own destiny. A lot of people don’t how this but it’s true.  creative power works, simply put, it empowers you to create your very own destiny!

TIPS on Going Hard in the GYM:

1.) Before going to the gym envision the body of your dreams…. Now wait, envision your face on that body.

2.) Let music be your very own inspiration for working out. Put on you favorite inspiration music and take your workout to the next limit.

3.) Pay for some extra support, hire a trainer at least once a week to teach you proper workout techniques like form, muscle conditioning, and endurance training.

Going hard, is a mentality that can take your workout from basic to beyond your expectations! Please let us know @ MyHotSecrets.com if any of our tips helped you PUSH IT to the LIMIT!

High Bun Hair Style!

HOLLYWOOD TRENDS presented by My Hot Secrets: 

Ladies, have you heard that the hottest hair-style trend this Spring is non other than High Bun Hairstyle! Have you gotten into this look yet Ladies?  If not, we don’t know what you’re sleeping on? Hah, because so many of the hottest celebrities are sporting this fun and easy breezy look – and so can you! I promise you’ll love it! The key to pulling off the high bun hairstyle is pair up with a simple clean face – with minimum makeup, and extra shiny lip gloss see examples below….


You see these sexy babes look fresh faced and sweet with their High Bun Hairdo’s and so can you!  It’ a easy look to rock that’s complimenting to any shaped face.

We are My Hot Secrets is going to help our (hot-girls) achieve the sexy High Bun Hairstyle with ease! Now if you have short hair ladies, don’t worry because i (got you)!! Now are you ready to rock a sexist high bun!!!!

Let’s get started, now if you have thin, short to medium length hair to perfect this look I recommend using a clip on ponytail just like the one shown from Hot Style Hair ExtensioIf you have long hair and it’s thick you don’t need the extension‘s alright!


The High Bun Hairstyle is easy to wear to dinner, party, or to school or work. The look can easily be pulled off in just 10 minutes or less. Really it’s so simple and easy you’ll definitlely get the hang of it’s like 1, 2, 3 hook, wrap, pin, and your done!


 Here’s some tips on achieving the perfect High Bun hairstyle presented by My Hot Secrets – Brazilian Beauty Products!

1.    I like to slick my hair up tight into a high ponytail, then I add some Hair Dressing Pomade just a (tiny bit) to my edges to keep them slick and smooth.

2.    I hook on my easy breezy clip on ponytail for Hot Style Hair Extensions – secure the piece on my head then begin wrapping it into one big high bun!

3.    Next, I take some bobby pins and secure the ponytail on and spray the entire hairstyle to keep it in place all day long.

Check it out ladies…


Tell us @Myhotsecrets if you (Love it or Hate it) The High Bun Hairstyle …. Let us know!

STOP… Yo Yo dieting!

STOP the YO YO Dieting!

Question: How can I stop Yo Yo Dieting? I lost 20 lbs on the Master Cleanse diet, I was so excited at first, then the weight came right back and suddenly, I am freaking out!!! what did I do wrong? Please help….



When you want to lose weight it can be a constant struggle. I know this because my weight has yo-yo’ed up & down for the last five years. I’ve tried everything, and guess what those quick fixes were the most tempting – like these fly by night FAD diets, you know the ones… you see on late night tv and the stuff you read on the internet.  Let me tell you, these by far have been the most disappointing. For me, losing the weight was easy, but the problem was sustaining it. Often times the weight just always came right back – because I could even blink I was fat again this time ever heavier. For me losing weight had become a challenging and daunting task because I had failed at it so many times. The emotional and mental disappointments were more upsetting than the weight gain it self. Going through the roller coaster of losing and gaining weight became taxing on my body and put a stress on my metabolism, making sluggish and ineffective for me.

Soon I had to discover that the absolute best way to lose weight was to create a personalized healthy diet and fitness program. Something specifically tailored to meet my needs. I evolved to understand that my program would (only) be efficient if I followed it consistently without deviating. I also realized early on that my program need to not only fit my needs but also needed to be realistic and attainable.

KEY TIP: Develop your own Diet & Fitness Program. Make it suitable for your needs. Make it  #1 realistic and #2 achievable.

You see the reason most people fail in their weight lost goals is that they have some unrealistic goal that usually not attainable. For example many people think losing weight fast is better so that set un-realistic goal or have extreme expectations of themselves like “ I want to lose 20lbs in 2 weeks”! Such a goal is probably not going to happen because it simply not achievable in a healthy sustainable manner.  When an unrealistic expectation is (not) met the aftermath is a emotional roller coaster that can make your gain even more weight due to stress and depression. After such a ride you start feeling like you are the failure, when really you’re not the failure the goal you set was the failure to begin with. It’s so important to set realistic and achievable goals for yourself so you can keep momentum on your road to success. A realistic weight lost goal is 2lbs of weight loss per week. When you lose more weight than this per week you send your body into shock. Do you know what happens to people who shock their bodies? We’ll it rebels and revolts against you. Try not to do this, you want you body to work harder for you not against you.

Healthy weight lost need to be a gradual and consistent process that doesn’t send the body into shock. Following a healthy diet and fitness program will help you slowly take the weight off over a gradual period of time that’s sustainable. Remember the faster you lose the weight the faster the weight comes back on. Weight loss over a slower and gradual process is the most sustainable and the most easiest to keep off.

If you’re ready to begin a new Healthy Diet & Fitness program for yourself just drop us a line @Myhotsecrets , and let us know!! We’d love to hear your feedback!

Good Luck! Image


Spring is around the corner, and we have got the secrets tips to help you ladies pump up my bum bum’s in just six little weeks!

Want to enhance that booty, firm, shape, and tone it! Well, you don’t have to look no further. Because I promise more curves are just around the corner!


Ladies get ready to become BOOTY BEAUTIFUL with Jamie’s tush target workout series! I recommend her tips on fitness combined with our Perfect Curves Herbal Supplements to amplify your backside even more! These supplements have everything you need to build and grow a  perfectly round booty beautifully, and best of all they are herbal formulas are all natural and 100% stimulant free!


Try our herbal supplements this spring and watch your curves grow! Now you can build a tighter, rounder backside? You’ve come to the right place! Each week, I will be posting videos from our beloved Jaime Baird-  who will share tips to transform your tush in her very own “Booty Beautiful Video Series.”

Check it out ladies and drop me a line @Myhotsecrets and share with me just how big your booty grew!


Healthy Weight Loss Tonic!

More than just a TONIC – it’s Weight Lost drink!

When I discovered the power of tonics used in many indigenous parts of the world I became amazed by these ancient remedies. Many people historically relied upon tonics “prepared medicinal drinks” to treat pestering ailments like poor sleep, bloating, constipation, and even fatigue! Historically tonics were prepared as medicinal drinks to treat and cure. Today, tonics are still used because they provided a quick relief that comes along with a feeling of vigor and or well being.


Did you know that many women in Brazil still use tonics today to balance their hormones and manage their weight?

If you’ve struggled like me with managing your weight, you might want to try using a tonic from time to time. Today I will share with you a delightful Healthy Weight Lost Tonic used by many women in Brazil to balance the hormones, lose weight, energizing the body, and mind.

The key ingredients in this tonic are:

  • Lemons (fresh squeezed)
  • Cinnamon
  • Raw Honey (unpasteurized honey)

Now the cinnamon in the tonic provides a natural weight loss effect in the body. While the raw honey has vitamins, hormones, and nutrients that’s great for the female body along with live enzymes that helps cleanse the digestive tract. Also the honey provides a natural boost of stable energy without spiking the insulin levels. And finally, the lemons in the tonic is great for the purpose of cleansing and detoxing. It’s best to drink a tonic on an empty stomach.

This is what you need to prepare your Health Weight Loss Tonic. Warm up a cup of water on the stove top. Next, add a 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon to the water stir lightly, then allow it sit. When the water cools then add  (1) tablespoon of raw honey. Make sure to never add  raw honey to the water when it hot because it will kill the live enzymes , vitamins, and key nutrients in the honey. Now squeeze the juice from half of a fresh lemon in a cup on the side. Now add the lemon juice just before your ready to drink the tonic. Enjoy!

Remember tonics are be consumed on an empty stomach!!!

In the morning you may prepare another Healthy Weight Loss Tonic for breakfast! This breakfast tonic is delicious and it curbs your appetite for 5 hours. Here’s what you need to prepare the breakfast tonic.

The key ingredients in this tonic are:

  • Whole Milk or Almond Milk (unsweetened)
  • Cinnamon
  • Raw Honey

Warm up a cup of Milk on the stove top. Next, add a 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon to the water stir lightly then allow it sit. When the milk cools to lightly warm add  (1) tablespoon of raw honey. Make sure to never add  your  raw honey to the water when it hot because it will kill the live enzymes , vitamins, and key nutrients in the honey. You may drink warm or chilled over ice.

Why the Healthy Weight Loss Tonics work:

When cinnamon is combined with the honey it provides a cleansing effect in the body to rid it of parasites and toxins. Pure raw honey is raw (unpasteurized honey), when pure honey and cinnamon are combined they can slow down the accumulation of fat around the abdominal area.  Raw honey also helps with edema and can release water retention in the body. Honey also provide the body with a surge of stable energy that doesn’t spike insulin levels. Honey also revitalizes the muscles this can help with muscle recovery after training. Honey also treats yeast infections and is also great for internal wound healing because it has natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. So, adding a tonic to your diet is great for weight loss because as you can see, it also has many other medicinal purposes. 

For more Weight Loss Tonics … just view this video below…

Ladies, please let us know @ MyHotSecrets how if you have tried this Healthy Weight Loss Tonic and got some results!!! Drop me a line we’d love to hear your feedback!

Peace & Blessing!

The New HCG – Natural Diet

Wow…. I’m on a mission that’s right! I am determined to lose 20 lbs in 30 days while reducing my waist and amplifying my bum bum! Hah you think I’m kidding, but I’ve a the real HCG Diet and it really works!!! Just follow me on my new blog titled New HCG – Natural Diet!

Here’s my plan and if you want ladies it can be yours too!!!

WHAT YOU NEED to Follow my New Diet  – For Weight Lost

  • Y.S. ECO Bee Farms – RAW HONEY
  • Vitality Works – HOODIA (True South African – Alcohol Free)
  • Twinlab – CALCIUM CITRATE Caps
  • Fiji – WATER Image

HERE’S WHAT YOU NEED:  TO Adding Some Curve to that BUM BUM! for summer!

  • Black Cumin Seed Oil – liquid – Take spoonful after working out.
  • Evening Primrose Oil (cold pressed oil) 500 mg supplements – TAKE (2) in the morning
  • The Rio Pills for Bust & Buttocks Enhancement! – Take one in the morning before your day. 

Now go out and buy lots of Kale, broccoli, celery, and carrots and apples plus any other veggies you might love.

Now all you need to do to get started is follow this simple plan:

Every morning you will JUICE for 21 days and eat only a Salad at night with protein. The salad will have sea salt on it and a little sesame seed oil for flavor. You will keep hoodia with you in a liquid form and add 1-2 drops underneath you tongue early in the morning, before noon day, and also after noon day and just before your dinner salad. 

Now, you will again JUICE for 21 days… green juice only no fruits juices. You will add a apple to sweeten your veggie green juices.

AM:  Make a Green Juice Mix  8oz cup.

  • Add a teaspoon of Himalayan Salt in a small cup of hot water drink this down.
  • Take one spoonful of Raw Honey- NOW GO WORKOUT (immediately) Run or Jog for 30 minutes only.
  • Next after the run or jog take one spoonful of black seed cumin oil by mouth.
  • Next take 2 calcium citrate caps and two evening primrose caps, and one Rio Pill before beginning your day.
  • Add one – two drops of hoodia underneath your tongue.
  • Now drink one glass of water every hour for 8 hours a day = 8 cups a day!

AFTERNOON: Snake or Juice

  • Add one-two drops of hoodia underneath your tongue.
  • Drink (one) full glasses of water every hour
  • JUICE a green drink again, or Snack on Trailmix. You should make a drink for breakfast and lunch and take it with you everymorning
  • Snack on Trail Mix or take a spoonful of Raw Honey to increase energy if you begin feeling tired or weak.
  • Drink more water….one more glass

PM: Eat a Salad with Green Veggies and Protein.

  • Add one-two drops of hoodia underneath your tongue.
  • Drink (one) more water ….
  • Make a fresh grilled veggie and chicken salad using the Himalayan salt
  • Drink more water….one more glass
  • PM Workout- Before working out take one spoonful of raw honey and GO WORKOUT … run or jog for 30miutes. 
  • REST for 9 hours every day. So get home early no more late night dinner parties.
  • Before BED… take two calcium citrate caps.

Repeat this every day for 21 days share your success please.