Got Milk?

Some of the biggest misconceptions in health are the benefits to some of our favorite but hormonal foods. (For instance, the huge…MEGA HUGE popularity of this yummy beverage called milk.) Milk has been regarded (according to the FDA) as  a needed source for our daily diet. But when the facts, and the myth collide—well, to say the least…we have a problem.


1)   Milk (every type) has 59 hormones, (hormones carrying a variety of diseases and traces of whatever the cow had previously eaten.).

2)    It is the leading cause of death in America (umm, heart disease!, liver disease, diabetes, ect.)

3)   Milk is a cancer fuel, contrary to what you believe, it carried a powerful growth hormone (INSULINNNN!!)—which has essentially been a rapid growth of cancer cells in within many kinds—from breast to  colon cancer.

4)   “Monsanto Chemical Co., maker of fine poisons such as DDT, agent orange, Roundup and more… spent around half a billion dollars inventing a shot to inject into cows… to force a cow to produce MORE milk (for an already glutted taxpayer subsidized market).” According to:

5)   Casein, whey, lactose, colostrum are all significant factors in weight issues  and health problems. All of these ingredients can be found in milk, ice-cream, cheese, and yogurt.

6)   The nation’s with the highest rates of osteoporosis also have the highest consumption of milk and dairy products. (Could this be because of the useless and insufficient magnesium content). Which might prove a fact if milk even aids to this health concern.

Milk is a tough subject to truly debate both sides of. Once your acknowledged by one thing, then get informed on a much more likely source of information; the truth, is undeniable. Milk, is not the greatest thing to consume (let’s be honest here). It doesn’t cure or treat osteoporosis, it actually heightens it. And after years of constant consumption, you develop various health issues, diseases or disorders and you begin to question why this is happening to you? After a full self-recognition of what you consume, daily usages of milk, begin to look sketchy.  Has the FDA been lying to us, or are we just victims in a he said, she said bologna marathon. Clearly, much of our food has been tampered with,  well—according to the conspiracies. But when health issues start arising more quickly than ever (like they are now)—consuming dairy products should start to disappear from your diet (save yourself chap!) And this includes a variety of other foods, such as meat (I suggest watching Forks Over Knives for vegan-inspiration)…a healthier you, starts with you!

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