Confidence – Pass it On!

Are you FAT or PHAT?

” Your attitude determines how the world views you”

We all know being “Curvy” has it’s place in our skinny society, in America it’s arbitrated as um simply being FAT!!! However this silly misconception is often times negotiated and dismissed when feminine curves come along with a CONFIDENT ATTITUDE… suddenly those curves are resolved as PHAT (pretty, hot, and tempting) as opposed to FAT (unpleasantly overweight)!

Just think of MARILYN MONROE – in all her sexiness her bodacious curves were considered breathtakingly beautiful because she carried those curves with confidence boldly and beautifully! In the media today are a slew of sexy confident women with amazing curves like BEYONCE,  and KIM KARDASHIAN – these women glow from the inside and carry their curves with a daring confidence beseeching you to do the same!

Curvy women have ruled the world for centuries as Queens and their body types were symbolic of womanly beauty at its essence! What changed in society over the 20th century is our on-going (lack of confidence) in our shapes coupled with our (attitudes) towards our full-size figures. The shift suddenly knocked the appeal of curves straight to the curb. While society put surmounting pressure on women to become thiner and thiner.

Even though the times have shifted our perceptions; finding your confidence in your shape is the beginning of beauty! Ladies you can still bring sexy back by embracing your curves no matter (what) size you are just by carrying your shape with confidence! Confidence remember gives you an edge – because is not just an attitude it’s a mindset that takes you to the top! Remember that confidence takes practice to become perfect and is reflected in your walk, talk, and eye contact with others. Your confident attitude will define who you are, leaving a lasting impression upon others!

“It pays to be confident – because confidence attracts others” – Alexa Cruz (Author of the Curvy Fit Guide)

Screen Shot 2013-02-09 at 1.29.57 AM

TIPS on conveying a Confident Attitude!

1.) So practice confidence until it’s perfected. Start by walking tall with a strut in your step along with keeping your shoulder back. Slightly arch your head about 1/2 inch taller than you normally do. By doing so you’re sending the message that you’re bold and also daring. This instantly makes you more attractive and assertive! Now that’s sexy!

2.) Keep a twinkle in your eyes by simply blinking more than you often do. Always making sure to maintain direct eye contact with others, by doing so you send the message that you’re sure of yourself and have absolutely nothing to hid! Now that’s pretty hot and tempting!

3.) And lastly keep a very slight smirk on your face – as you roll your eyes when walking into a room. Remember it may sound crazy but check peoples reaction to you. By doing so, you’re appealing to the inquisitive minds of others. People love a little mystery it makes you interesting. The smirk and the eye rolling sends mixed signals that keeps people guessing for more?! However one things for certain you will definitely appear confident as others notice that confidence first before they do you!

Confidence in your Attitude – Pass it On… baby cause your PHAT!

To get more tips on confidence … check out this you-tube video.. MY CONFIDENCE IS PHAT!

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