Staying Motivated

Staying Motivated in Fitness:

We often times get distracted by work, family, and personal issues, it’s no wonder we can’t find the time to exercise.  Working out can be a drag when you not used it and are unmotivated. One must make working out a lifestyle habit before it becomes like second nature. Until then, you’ll need to stay motivated in the process until fitness is a new lifestyle for you!

“working out was so difficult… when I first began I hated it for many reasons… but I just stuck with it. Now, three months later, working out is a new healthy habit for me. I really do enjoy it because of the great stress relief benefits and the of course the results” – Chyna Lopez

Three ways to stay motivated working out:

1.) Drink more water. Water energizes your body; if you’re feeling sluggish or tired, simply drink more water and it will instantly gives you energy while replenishing the body and mind.

2.) Eat more frequent light snacks like celery, carrots, nuts, and or fresh salads to fuel the body when insulin levels drop typically began to drop around the early afternoon and after 6pm during the evening.

3.) Find a running trail in you neighborhood or a local park less than 10 minutes away. Make this location a regular workout place. And enjoy a regular evening brisk walk or slow jog for 45 minutes on a regular basis.

4.) Rest, is very important because it resets the body. The body is like a machine when you running too long it runs of steam. You need plenty of rest 8-10 hours a day to reset the body.

5.) Lastly, stay positive, don’t worry about getting results right away. Simply enjoy the grace of just living in the moment. Meaning being full and satisfied that you have life and the fullness thereof.

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