The New HCG – Natural Diet

Wow…. I’m on a mission that’s right! I am determined to lose 20 lbs in 30 days while reducing my waist and amplifying my bum bum! Hah you think I’m kidding, but I’ve a the real HCG Diet and it really works!!! Just follow me on my new blog titled New HCG – Natural Diet!

Here’s my plan and if you want ladies it can be yours too!!!

WHAT YOU NEED to Follow my New Diet  – For Weight Lost

  • Y.S. ECO Bee Farms – RAW HONEY
  • Vitality Works – HOODIA (True South African – Alcohol Free)
  • Twinlab – CALCIUM CITRATE Caps
  • Fiji – WATER Image

HERE’S WHAT YOU NEED:  TO Adding Some Curve to that BUM BUM! for summer!

  • Black Cumin Seed Oil – liquid – Take spoonful after working out.
  • Evening Primrose Oil (cold pressed oil) 500 mg supplements – TAKE (2) in the morning
  • The Rio Pills for Bust & Buttocks Enhancement! – Take one in the morning before your day. 

Now go out and buy lots of Kale, broccoli, celery, and carrots and apples plus any other veggies you might love.

Now all you need to do to get started is follow this simple plan:

Every morning you will JUICE for 21 days and eat only a Salad at night with protein. The salad will have sea salt on it and a little sesame seed oil for flavor. You will keep hoodia with you in a liquid form and add 1-2 drops underneath you tongue early in the morning, before noon day, and also after noon day and just before your dinner salad. 

Now, you will again JUICE for 21 days… green juice only no fruits juices. You will add a apple to sweeten your veggie green juices.

AM:  Make a Green Juice Mix  8oz cup.

  • Add a teaspoon of Himalayan Salt in a small cup of hot water drink this down.
  • Take one spoonful of Raw Honey- NOW GO WORKOUT (immediately) Run or Jog for 30 minutes only.
  • Next after the run or jog take one spoonful of black seed cumin oil by mouth.
  • Next take 2 calcium citrate caps and two evening primrose caps, and one Rio Pill before beginning your day.
  • Add one – two drops of hoodia underneath your tongue.
  • Now drink one glass of water every hour for 8 hours a day = 8 cups a day!

AFTERNOON: Snake or Juice

  • Add one-two drops of hoodia underneath your tongue.
  • Drink (one) full glasses of water every hour
  • JUICE a green drink again, or Snack on Trailmix. You should make a drink for breakfast and lunch and take it with you everymorning
  • Snack on Trail Mix or take a spoonful of Raw Honey to increase energy if you begin feeling tired or weak.
  • Drink more water….one more glass

PM: Eat a Salad with Green Veggies and Protein.

  • Add one-two drops of hoodia underneath your tongue.
  • Drink (one) more water ….
  • Make a fresh grilled veggie and chicken salad using the Himalayan salt
  • Drink more water….one more glass
  • PM Workout- Before working out take one spoonful of raw honey and GO WORKOUT … run or jog for 30miutes. 
  • REST for 9 hours every day. So get home early no more late night dinner parties.
  • Before BED… take two calcium citrate caps.

Repeat this every day for 21 days share your success please.


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