How To Get A Man By This Weekend.

How To Get A Real Man by This Weekend!

Ladies, we got some hot tips from My Hot Secrets on how to get a man with a hundred dollar budget by this weekend! (make sure you come back and thank us when you find your new love!)

For women who want a man by the end of this weekend follow these 5 steps!

1) You need to go get that hair done! A new hair style with a lot of volume would look awesome! 40$

2)Have some long nice pretty eyelash extensions so when he stairs into those eyes you get him with those lashes! 15$

3)Go get you some long acrylic curved nails done. (red like Rhianna or white) 25$

4) Get your high stilettos ! 10$

5) Lastly, bring out you favorite freak um dress!

Follow these steps and you will get your man on only a 100 dollar budget. Once you pull your look together, your going to go and make sure you pick out some nerdy glasses and here are some places you can go:

*Starbucks on a Sat. evening with your laptop and your nerdy glasses.

*Go to a bank in a very high profile neighborhood and open up a bank account.

*Go shop at the Mall! and pretend your shopping until you spot that cutie!


Khloe And The Game.

Khloe And The Game.

Khloe K. And The Game

Khloe K. And The Game

So all the buzz about Khloe K. and undisputed rap super star Game, is it real or UN-real? Well here are the facts of the matter, to make a long story short… they were working out and blah blah blah then the friendship turned to lust, lust to love and now she “pregnant” uhh… Highly doubt it went down like that!

Khloe And Lamar.

Lamar Odom And Khloe K.

Lamar Odom And Khloe K.

A source says that the Game stated “She can do better than Lamar and she needs a man like Me, who’d treat her like the queen she is.” Uhh… Nuff Said…. if the alleged remark was indeed fact Lamar better hit the road… and Khloe better get to steppin. Although I highly doubt this relationship would ever work seeing that The Game is a playa playa for sure… and he has his family at home with his beautiful woman. Lamar if it dont work with old girl… Holla!


Improve Your Skin Tone, Texture, And Appearance.

Improve Your Skin Tone, Texture, And Appearance.

Vitamin C is the key! The list of the benefits of Vitamin C goes on and on. Vitamin C, also known as Ascorbic Acid, is a vital nutrient required by the human body for the growth and repair of tissues and is an antioxidant.It is necessary to form collagen that, amongst other functions, helps keep the skin firm and to slow down the visible signs of aging.

vitamin c supplement to help fight free radical and promote healthy age free skin

vitamin c supplement to help fight free radical and promote healthy age free skin

Eliminate Acne And Improve Skin Tone.

The key seems to be C’s ability to fight free radicals, a by-product of cell metabolism in your body. Free radicals are thought to attack proteins, fats, and DNA and break down collagen. C also seems to guard against ultraviolet rays from the sun, which can lead to freckles and a mottled complexion.

✶Highest In Anti-oxidants

✶Fights Free Radicals


✶Helps To Fight Break-Outs, To Promote Healthy Beautiful Skin


Natural vitamin c supplement will reduce skin’s inflammation to prevent and treat acne while smoothing their overall tone and texture of the skin.

Check Out This Educational Video:

Growing Bigger Boobs Naturally!

Tips on Growing Bigger Boobs Naturally!

We’ve got some really awesome tips on adding more fullness to your buttock in just a few weeks with our Brazilian Butt Support Pills by Herbal Tropics!

Herbal Tropics is the leading suppliers of Brazilian Natural Enhancement, and now you too can add more volume and fullness to your breast without surgery! When taking our supplements we provide women with a complete guide on fitness and nutrition to help you get the most out of our program.

Here’s some tips on growing bigger bountiful boobs naturally.

The Diet: To enhance bigger breast and a bigger buttocks you’ll need consume lots good fatty foods like:

Peanuts, salmon (fatty fish), whole eggs, real butter, whole butter, poultry, raw veggies, and fresh fruits. Also you should drink lots of whole or soy milk – soy and whole milk has natural estrogen that is great for enhancing feminine curves.

The Fitness: To grow bigger boobs and a bigger buttocks you’ll need to follow a simple workout routine that consist of some cardio, weight training, and endurance. We recommend following this breast lifting workout routine to firm and lift your breast naturally!

The Program: With the Bust Support Pills – which is herbal formula you’ll be able to (lift & firm) your breast and grow the size of your buttocks by stimulating the hormones in your body. Because the supplements contain natural estrogen that gets released into the body. Within just a few weeks you’ll begin to notice a significant difference to the shape of your body and the fullness to your breast!

Herbal Tropics, Natural Enhancement, Bust and Buttocks Pills, and Weight Loss Products

Herbal Tropics, natural enhancement products from Brazil

The Big Booty Butt Workout !

The Big Booty Butt Workout!

For women who are looking for a curvier figure this summer, look no further! You can have that Kim Kardashian body in no time! With this Booty work out and our perfect curves supplements and cream, you can get to that goal your looking for! Our Herbal Tropics products are formulated to enhance the buttocks and boost that booty to where it pops and stands out!  However to maintain and look fantastic, we must also really put in hard work, dedication and effort! Especially as women.Its not all about that strict dieting or limiting yourself from your favorite foods, but more so working out and staying fit to keep this curvacious body! With these exercises, and products your looking at a toned shapely figure. All you have to do is this Booty work out everyday and take the 100% natural vitamin supplements and you can get to that goal your looking for in no time!

Now follow these steps to get a big booty by MyHotSecrets

This Video is a great way to loose weight and at the same time get that bubbly butt you want. These pills and cream with diffidently give you that perfect body before this summer! Just do it! and push yourself a little extra with this exercise to get to your goal!

Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian Butt Lift – Review

Ladies summer is almost here and getting that perky, round, and curvaceous buttocks has never been easier with the PERFECT CURVES – Brazilian Butt Lift in a bottle formula. The complete system comes with 120 capsules of the Perfect Curves herbal supplements and their remarkable herbal Body Firming Butter!

The Perfect Curves product is designed to help you shape, firm, and enhance your buttocks naturally – without surgery. The products in the Perfect Curves kit can be combined with Diet, Fitness, and other Supplements to improve the overall results just four weeks!  If you workout you know that the buttocks is the most difficult area of the body to firm and shape without losing it’s natural volume and fullness. If you want more curvature to your bottom and some added volume the Perfect Curves formula is your miracle in a bottle. That’s what many women are calling it. Kimora a Los Angeles model saw results in just 60-days … and she’s thrilled with her new body.

“I think the common misconception is – you have to undergo plastic surgery to get a big shapely butt, this is far from the truth – we have natural alternatives” – says Kimora.

Many women are finding their very own butt lift miracle in a bottle with the Perfect Curves formula. Even women who diet and fitness – feel they need a little extra help in the booty department because diet & fitness alone is not the answer. Women are finding that when combine diet and fitness along with the right supplements like the Perfect Curves product your results are much more significant!

How to make my Butt Bigger?

Katie a health guru wanted to share her thoughts on the Perfect Curves product with us today.

My Hot Secrets: Hi, Katie… so what do you know about a Natural Brazilian Butt Lift (Laughing)?

Katie: Well, I was looking in the health food store the other day and ran across a product called the Perfect Curves that promises a Brazilian Butt Lift naturally when Screen Shot 2013-03-05 at 12.18.44 PMcombined with proper diet and fitness. The product was packaged beautifully and look quite inviting because the supplements were marketed a natural vitamin formula made from 100% real fruit. This made me feel safe and comfortable with the product because I hate taking pills – especially when they have a bunch of stuff in them that I don’t know….

My Hot Secrets: Really, so what made you feel differently about this product?

Katie: Well, it a supplement made from whole fruit – That to me is SAFE and NATURAL…  supplement usually are packed with a bunch of other stuff – but this product was different is simply had one ingredient and that seemed brilliant to me.

My Hot Secrets: So, Katie would you use the Perfect Curves Kit to make your butt look better from behind.

Katie: The whole idea crazy, but for many it’s a miracle to have something natural as an alternatives. The formula also recommended following their diet plan and using their very own Butt Lift Body Firming Butter along with the supplements for more significant results.

My Hot Secrets: Thank you Katie for sharing your feedback with us today.

Are you looking to learn ways to grow a bigger buttocks naturally check out our video below and shop with us online at

Brazilian Butt Lift ~ in the Media Today

ImageThe Brazilian Butt Lift surgery is becoming quite popular amongst women and men of all cultural backgrounds! The popularity has a lot to do with the current trends in fitness and entertainment – which controls the image of our society! Everybody wants that booty that pops-out like two basketballs, it’s the curvy sensation. We see it all over the media just look at some of the hottest celebs Kim Kashadian, Beyonce, Joseline Hernandez just to name a few. What these women all have in common is some curves, and what would you pay to have some curves? A round and bubble size butt, which is considered a healthy and attractive figure on a slightly slim frame is now becoming the goal of top surgeons who would charge upwards of 10K for this look. But you don’t have to pay 10K to have a Kim K, there’s many options that are natural and more affordable. But do these natural options work options work – that’s the question? I’m met with Gracie Lopez of Herbal Tropics – to get low down on the all natural choice. Herbal Tropics is a Los Angeles based vitamin store that promotes their Brazilian butt lift formula called the Perfect Curves. 


Tina (interviewer): Grace, tell us about the natural choices for a butt lift on the market today?

Grace: Well, I’m using our Brazilian butt lift herbal cream – which is formulated with pure Aguaje fruit, and I’m already seeing a difference after just three short weeks. So, the natural choice is a viable tool that works for anyone who isn’t looking to undergo surgery.

Tina: Wow, so can who afford this product and really get results from it?

Grace: Yes, it very affordable the herbal cream is only $89.99 and I’ve seen such results in just about three week. I noticed more fullness and a natural lift looking rounder and proud of that, cause didn’t pay fortune for it.

Tina: Wow, that’s great where can we find these product?

Grace: Well, you can order online at and online you can shop for a variety of enhancement products that give curvy shape.

Herbal Tropics now has 100% natural Brazilian Butt Lift supplements and a herbal cream that works like a miracle for flat and sagging butts.

No matter what size frame you have, it’s thicker hips and buttocks is becoming quite the sensation. And now getting those curves don’t have to be expensive!