Growing your mane out for summer!

Alright now, summer time is the sexiest season of the year! Hot people running around looking good! This summer you real healthy and beautiful hair will stop traffic! Now you can save $$ and grow your real hair instead of wearing those expensive weaves & extentions. Learning to grow your hair takes patience, patience, and more patience! But it’s worth the wait to have a head full of Strong, Healthy, and Sexy Hair!!

We got some SECRETS to share on how to (really) grow long stronger hair! Myhotsecrets got you ladies covered on this blog. So sit back as uncover the most beneficial tips for growing hair. So when summer comes around your (real) hair will get you noticed – and not some WEAVE!

Truth be told black-afro hair does grows!!! Frankly, it’s just all the abuse we do to the hair breaks it off before we (ever) see our lengths. So, to prevent this we have some strong healthy hair tips below:

Strong Healthy Hair:

  • Flat irons, pressing combs, and blow dryers all break off the hair. You can start reducing breakage by opting for a roller set styling followed by a light press just on the roots of the hair. Roller setting the hair reduces heat damage by 80% during hair styling. Screen Shot 2013-03-02 at 9.54.15 PMPreventing heat damage will promote faster hair growth almost immediately! Also, wearing the hair in a classic bun hair style will also protect the hair from styling abuse.Your hair will be thicker and stronger with less heat damage. Which means longer hair growth will be notice because less breakage is occurring. I love roller setting my hair because it keep my hair from being abused by heat, while it saves my hair from another bad hair day!
  • Taking biotin supplements at night 5mg per day keep your hair longer and strong. I recommend keeping a bottle of biotin by your beside, so you remember to take it nightly. This one little tip alone will grow your hair longer and stronger up to 3 inches longer per month.
  • Getting a deep scalp message once a week (preferably) on a Sunday, can make a big difference with hair growth. I usually have the Asian women at my local nail salon do this for me. I am sure if you go to any nail salon they’re do the same for you. I usually have them use a tiny drop of some light almond oil. I love these massages and they really promote fast hair growth.
  • Drink more water. Dry hair breaks. To hydrate the hair you must start from inside. Drinking 8-10 cups of water will keep the hair well hydrated.

This tips will help you grow longer hair faster just in time for Summer. Let us know @Myhotsecrets if you’re trying to grow you hair out this summer!


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