The New Silicone

The Booty PAD sensation is finally here!

Screen Shot 2013-03-07 at 1.48.20 PMThere’s a growing number of women sporting the perfect curves with booty pads. These pads are getting better and better with the growing demands for a bigger tush and of course newer technology. We checked out some very believable booty pads that know one could dare tell are fake. Like the padded shorts that Jennifer Lopez and Kim are wearing in the photos pictured. Now do you have to be flat in the back to wear booty pads – absolutely not! Many women wear them to give the buttocks a lift and to naturally keep everything in place to prevent that booty jiggle. Really, they don’t need it… but it just makes everything look better. And the good thing about some of the padding shorts is the tummy tuck built into the garment that sucks in your midsection. So, don’t be hating when you see a slim chic with nice curves, you never know she just may be wearing (butt pads)! If you’re tired of other women getting all the attention we got Screen Shot 2013-03-07 at 1.31.47 PM little secret for you! Guess what you can buy your own curves instantly from My Hot Secrets. Did you know that butt pads are becoming an extreme sensation amongst stars and celebrities. These hot celebs be wearing their padded panties all the time and GUESS what you’d never know that they had some extra padding back there lool!  Are butt pads becoming the NEW silicone implants? Ever wonder how some celebrities get their tush so round and lifted? Well, the verdict is out people. Genetics has a primary factor along with good physical training and nutrition. But the truths is some of your favorite celebs don’t have to augment it anymore when there so many really believable BOOTY PADS on the market today. Jennifer Lopez I am sure has a gorgeous body but weight loss and training can slim your booty down really quick. When you need a little tush push-up try what most celebrities have been using for years Butt Pads! Check out some of our favorite celebs in what we believe are fake booty pads!  Screen Shot 2013-03-07 at 1.24.11 PM

Butt pads are the best kept secret in Hollywood when it comes to enhancing and shaping the famous derriers! Are you envious of those girls with a round and perfect bottom? You can look instantly the same with the right booty pads. Unfortunately everyone will (not) be fooled but let’s say you can convince most!! If you don’t want to butt in the bucks $$$ for plastic surgery.

Now if you have a good Screen Shot 2013-03-07 at 3.17.58 PMshape already your butt padding will most likely be believable. However nowadays everybody’s wearing them to enhance that perfect bum even women with a booty! We sale really great butt pads that naturally lift the buttocks and shape the curve to your hips, our garment is used as an alternative to butt pads because it actually works over time when worn regularly to promote a more shapely backside within time. I love our pads because that really do make a difference permanently, especially when used along with our herbal creams. I hope that women don’t think wearing butt pads make them fake or tacky in any respect – because they don’t. Women have been altering the appearance for years with makeup, extension, the wonder push-up bras and by many other means. If you feel that butt pads is going too far you may want to opt for a more naturally looking pad panty like these below. So don’t knock Kim’s curves when you can have some yourself for just $59.99 from My Hot Secrets.

We especially love this photo of our Kim Kardashian’s bountiful booty in some obvious butt padding. We think even girls with naturally big butts opt for butt pad to lift the seat of their butt Screen Shot 2013-03-07 at 1.57.07 PMand offering just a little contouring that what our amazing Brazilian Butt Pads will do for you. I must confess that I am now wearing booty pads that shape my curves. Screen Shot 2013-03-07 at 1.48.06 PM

My Hot Secrets offers the very best butt shaping panty that unlike a butt pad is has some an extra-firm support to slim the midsection along with derriere enhancer and back control, THE CURVES BODY SHAPING under garment  is a braless body shaper that helps you get the figure you always wanted by instantly lifting, shaping, and slimming the body while flattening the stomach and lower belly pouch. The buttocks enhancer also gets rid of cellulite around the thighs. It allows you to add dimension and lift to your derriere by increasing the fat-transportation towards the rear buttocks area in a natural and effective way. Our shorts help shape and form the buttocks along with the Voluptuous Curves (Natural Butt Shaping Kit). To offer a better compression, this Buttocks Enhancing Firm Control Short is made of 3 inner layers of powernet fabric made of oatmeal and milk for extra fat reduction properties. We love it because it will help you look curvier but it will also make your more curvier by shifting the natural fat production while slimming your waist.


Here’s what women are saying about our butt shaping panties:

Screen Shot 2013-03-07 at 4.16.18 PM“I love the fit it will lift and shape at the same time. After wearing it for 60 days it does change the shape of your body” Carla Lumez

” Its tight so it smooths and shapes everything in the right place it also naturally send that blood flow to the buttocks area. I like wearing it after I apply the Curves Herbal Buttocks Creme”  Marie Stone

Let us know at My Hot Secrets – how you feel about BUTT PADS do you love um or hate um! Thanks for your support!  Gracie Jimenez


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