Summer Curves

Screen Shot 2013-02-09 at 10.37.34 AMSummer is almost here and you best believe that your bum bum will be the center of attention!!  However the question is what kind of attention: Will yours be an eyesore or a feast for the eyes to see?

Ladies and gentlemen are you ready for all that attention your bum bum will get. Well, if so, then we got your back with tips on how to firm it up, tighten and tone it up in just 7-days! Who needs surgery when you have My Hot Secrets! so people you can expect more curves around the corner  just in time for Summer!

Start with a Proper Diet: DIETING FOR A BIGGER BUTT:

Your diet should consist of lean proteins, good fats, whole grains, veggies, and fruits. Good fats are extremely important if you want to grow a full-size buttocks. However consuming good fats is kinda of difficult but listed below are tips that can help you improve your diet to help grow a bigger buttocks now!

FOODS TO EAT MORE OF —-> Avocados, Whole Milk, Brazilian Nuts, Whole Eggs, Real Butter, Fatty Fish, Poultry, Pork, Beef, and Fish.

Great meals for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner: May include eggs, bacon, avocados, with whole milk. Or, Tuna Sandwich with Mash Potatoes with whole milk. And Dinner, try a Roasted Chicken with veggies and mash potatoes with a glass of whole milk remember NO SUGAR in your mash potatoes!!

** Drinking (whole milk) with your meals is key to gaining a fuller backside!

FOODS TO EAT LESS OF—–> Bread (white), Rice, Oatmeal, and Cereals.

PLEASE AVOID——-> Sugar with the exception of (RAW FRUITS), Soda, Fast Foods, Pizza, Pasta, and Diet Foods, Like Low Drinks, and Processed Microwavable Meals.

Start with the Right Supplementation: VITAMINS FOR A BIGGER BUTT:

Now you can help boost that booty by taking the right Imagevitamins and supplements that promote a round curvaceous buttocks naturally. I recommend taking our herbal supplements called the (Perfect Curves) they provide a good source of vitamins and nutrients along with plant estrols (estrogen) that stimulates your natural hormones. For example the Perfect Curves Kit is great two part system that shapes, firms, and sculpts the hips and buttocks area without surgery. Because the supplements and the firming butter work together to target buttock fatty tissue production to add more fullness and volume to the area best of all feminine curves will be noticed in just 30-days! Purchase the kit is the first step to a better looking backside. The Perfect Curves supplements  and the Body Firming Butter are sold only online through My Hot

SAVE 12% Off today using code: BESTBUY when you mention this code to a representative over the phone or during checkout online.

Another supplement I highly recommend taking is the Egyptian Black Cumin Seed (cold-pressed Imageoil) along with the Perfect Curves supplements and the Body Firming Butter to maximize your results! Black see oil should be injected by mouth. Simply take one spoonful of the Black Seed Oil daily to get a dose of my Omega’s 3,6, and 9. You should take the liquid in the morning before taking the Perfect Curves supplements. I did notice really good results combining the Black Seed Oil with the Perfect Curves formula.

Start with the Right Exercise: FITNESS FOR A BIGGER BUTT:

Now you can lift and shape your glutes using this Simple Treadmill Technique. Just do this 3x’s per week to sculpt and shape a bigger, firmer, and rounder backside in just three days! We promise it works wonders. Simply try it, and you’ll see for yourself. ImageThe next time you’re in the gym take up the incline to the highest level. Incline levels will range from machine to machine most treadmills range in incline levels from 12-15 depending on which machine you may be using. Anyhow, the key to getting the results you want is to begin with a 5 minute warm up first on the lowest incline. After your warm-up you’ll proceed with what we call a interval technique that combines (walking with skipping) to target the fast twitch buttocks muscles to build a bigger backside in just three days. You’ll begin the cycle by first walking on the highest incline for period of 30 seconds, thereafter you’ll immediately begin skipping for the remaining 20 seconds of one full-minute. Now repeat the cycle over again until you reached 15 minutes on the treadmill. This technique really builds the buttocks muscles fast which results in a round curvaceous backside. Follow-up with a protein shake to feed those muscles.

Here’s what women are saying about the treadmill technique:

Screen Shot 2013-03-07 at 4.16.18 PM” After trying you Bigger Backside – Treadmill Technique my booty was rounder and firmer just after two workouts, my favorite jeans fit perfectly as I notice my backside finally protruding out” – Kimberly Castillo (LA, California)

“Wow omg it works!!! I tried this little treadmill technique and my butt grew in just three days! I even started taking the Perfect Curves supplements and notice ever great enhancement Yes, after two weeks on the supplements using the technique I saw faster results and they lasted permanently! – Bianca Stewart

Let us know @MyHotSecrets what you think about our tips? Gracie Jimenez


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