All about Hair!

Curvy Diet

Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 9.50.41 PMSummer is coming up, and I know you ladies want to flaunt a long, sexy, healthy head of hair. Well, we at My Hot Secrets… got the secret to growing your locks 6 inches or longer by the summer time with amazing new faster hair growth tips:

Hair grows about a ½ inch per month. You can promote faster hair growth up to 1 ½ inches per month just by following these easy tips for speeding up hair growth.

Tip #01 Stay Well Hydrated

Healthy hair needs plenty of water to grow long and strong. The best way to feed your hydrate your hair is from the inside. Drinking more water is great for dry hair and scalp. When your mouth and or lips are dry you no that your scalp and hair are dry too. If you want to feed your hair follicles with pure hydration start downing lots of…

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