Love And Hip Hop L.A.

Screen shot 2013-04-11 at 5.32.59 PM

Erica Mena And Rich Dollaz

Love And Hip Hop L.A.

It came too darn quick! Just aired was the season finale of my favorite show Love And Hip Hop L.A., and let me tell you it was jam packed full of drama wrapping up the season with a kick! Would you believe Olivia and MaMA Dollaz (Mother Of Rich Dollaz) WENT IN on Miss Erica Mena? Although Mena looked dazzling in her curly locks and golden yellow gown, she once again did not surprise me with her Ratchet A$$! She threw out wack low blows that not only didn’t make sense but were so irrelevant, she was thuggin on stage trying to get a rise out of Liv and Olivia wasn’t phased at all…When confronted by LHH host Mona Scott-Young about reportedly kicking her Louboutin heel Into the wall of the studio Rich and Olivia were recording in Mena stated “It Was Either That Or Liv’s face”! The confrontation ended sweet and short by Olivia singing the song that was given to Erica by Rich…. host Mona told Erica to redeem her self…. ya right you know Ol’ass girl passed that up, sorry to say but she couldn’t sing for her life if she had too LOL!!!! So, it’s like that Erica once again made a fool of herself on live television and that’s a wrap!

Joe Budden And Tahiry Jose       Screen shot 2013-04-11 at 5.25.37 PM

Screen shot 2013-04-11 at 5.26.04 PM

Kaylin Garcia And Joe budden

I am a true supporter of Tahiry Jose she is beautiful, strong minded, and as real as they come I think her and Joe Budden should have stayed together in the long run they are much more compatible then Joe and Little Miss Sunshine Kaylin Garcia . During the season Joe was in a new relationship/fling with 20 year old Kaylin Garcia which caused some attention to the relationship which was the heat of the season seeing as how Joe couldn’t keep his attention off of Tahiry. But in the end on the season finale Joe ends up leaving Kaylin for Tahiry….. Stevie Wonder Could see that coming! Holla! I must add that kaylin, looking beautiful as ever held herself with dignity and class at the reunion… Kudos To Kaylin!

Winter is BOOJIE, Love Yandy, Rashida Ali needs to stop with that red hair, Lore’l is the bizness, love her! And one more thing Who Is Winters baby daddy hahahah… someone call Maury we need some assistance!

All in all great season, and I can’t wait till the 2nd part of the season finale looks like we are going to see a juicy fight between Consequence and Joe Budden… can’t wait….. Tune in next week for more juicy details!

Check out this brief clip of the show:


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