Positive Thinking For Beauty


CEASE AND COMPLAIN” Excerpts from the book, 212 the extra degree by Sam Parker & Mac Anderson. I don’t have… I don’t have enough…. But I really need… I can’t …If only (he, she, they,) would… It’s been a tough… (Day, week, month, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)


Does this sound familiar…

All too often, these little responses can make or break our day.  At times, we set ourselves up without even knowing, that complaining can affect our mental state of mind on how we enter act with one another. And it can cause a toil on your health and skin creating unwanted age lines, pimples, and dark circles under the eyes. Don’t create an unwanted stress, its bad for your health! With this mind set YOU could miss the gifts life can bring, if we stop and check what we say…..


Quiet-Stillness “BE”. Your words move others. Your words move you. Make your (words) send everyone in the right direction. Even for yourself. Complaining less a day chokes off 365 seeds of negativity a year.”


Reflect on your good and what you can bring to others. Put a smile in the path of a complaint…once daily. Listen! Sometimes people are just venting problems that reflect their business not necessarily YOU!!  Keep your Energy Upbeat and Maintain a positive outlook about your day, by writing your worries onto paper  or call a trusted person..

CEASE the negative self talk….


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