Red Bottoms

Red Bottoms

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Christian Louboutin Guru Of Foot Fashion

I don’t know about you, but when i put on my favorite pair of heels… i feel like a new woman! The perfect pair of heels will elongate your beautiful body accentuate those legs, while perfectly lifting up the booty! Now the key to Stiletto Success is to find the perfect pair comfortable, classy yet sexy, sophisticated yet fun, good price yet not cheap looking ! There is a solution! Behold…. Christian Louboutin, the god of shoes, the Guru of Foot Fashion and the Master Mind behind all the Red Bottom buzz!

How To Spot Out Fake Red Bottoms

♥ If The Original Price Is $1,800 And Their Discounted To $200… They Are Fake!

♥ If The Red Sole If Rubbing/Fading Off… They are Fake!

♥ If Christian Loubitoun Has Not Signed The Bottom.. They are Fake!

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christian louboutin Spike Pump

Check Out This Cool Video:

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