Benefits of Drinking Warm Water

The Amazing Slimming  & Healing Benefits of Drinking Warm Water:


The answer to this question is a combination of things. I would first say, please remember that there’s no magic bullet or quick fix trick. Losing weight is apart of being in good health. So to begin you should be taking the right amount of vitamins and minerals daily making sure you are getting enough calcium and magnesium in your diet. Next you’ve got to move your body working out is not just about having a gym membership. You can include working out in your daily routines like for example walking your dog, or walking to work, or cleaning your backyard one a week. You just got to get moving.

Screen Shot 2013-02-19 at 8.25.41 PMOnce you’ve got that down now you can move on to doing simple little things like my favorite DRINKING WARM WATER. I love to drink warm water especially first thing in the morning and also at night. But you can also drink it all throughout the day and even right after meals. Drinking warm water for most people is not part of their daily routine but doing so can really help you lose weight.  Really most people don’t understand the health benefits of drinking warm water. It is a good health practice to drink warm water on a daily basis because its excellent for improving digestion and aiding in weight lost.

Also most overweight people who consumer more than 2 cups of warm drinking warm water a day lose on average 1-2 lbs per week. Most people ignore warm water and always choose a glass of cold water but this is a big mistake because below are some really awesome benefits associated with drinking warm water:

Warm Water Health Benefits and Advantages:

  • Warm water is very important when it comes to digestion and washing out toxins from your body.
  • Drinking warm water makes it very easy to break down food and also help the process of digestion.
  • When we eat food, the temperature in our stomach is generally high.  Drinking warm water during a meal helps in keeping most of the food in a semi liquid form to break it down and get released into the small intestine.
  • Drinking warm water also helps break down oily food by making it easier to digest. Warm water breaks down solid food into semi solid and also helps food from concealing together.  This helps process of absorption and digestion on a large scale.
  • Drinking warm water on hot days help the process of perspiration, which is very essential if you reside in hot areas.  Doing this will help you cool down and help your body to flush out toxins.
  • In addition to this warm water also helps in purifying the blood stream. Bowel movements stimulation is very vital for every body to maintain health.  Drinking a glass of warm water along with walking will help to stimulate bowel movements.
  • Research has proven that drinking warm water helps with removal of toxic deposits from the nervous system. It is believed that these toxins if not cleansed and eliminated can have negative effects on a person’s emotions and thoughts.  Drinking warm water helps to purify your mind to maintain a balanced mental state.
  • Warm water’s biggest health benefit to an individual lies in the fact that it provides essential hydration to the body. Proper hydration helps in the removal of toxins and wastes from the body.  It also helps the kidneys to function.  Good hydration stands as a base for biochemical and metabolic processes in the body.
  • Drinking warm water aids in reducing and killing harmful infections that you might suffer from.  Warm water increases the circulation to the gastrointestinal tract and also vitally decreases the amount of mucous in mucous producing tracts of your body.
  • Drinking warm water eliminates harmful viruses and bacteria that reproduce and infect our body. When you heat up water, it makes sure to force out all the dissolved gases.  Heating the water in India is useful to remove or kill any bacteria that may be in the water.

“I began drinking warm water in the mornings to lose weight my best friend told me about this little trick – she also told me about drinking the warm water before and after my meals, I lost a whopping 15lbs in one month” – Coco (Herbal Tropics Manager)

** You may also want to explore adding ginger or lemon to your warm water to help promote even better weight loss!

In addition to that I will teach you another drink it involves portion control to help you lose weight faster without even thinking about it. Stay tuned to my next blog for more information!!!


Ms. Coco


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