Sculpt Sexy Curves & Sizzle Away Those Calories!

Ladies you don’t have to be celebrity status to have that bootilicous body!

I’m here to tell you it’s real, it’s fun, it’s the hottest ways to get your body looking fabulous before the holiday’s get here.  It’s always in the back of my head.. what do I got to do, so I can feel confident this season.  Getting together with family & friends, cocktail parties, dinners, and oh yeah don’t forget all the pictures that will be taken this season.  Why wait until the New Year to say I’ll start then! During this time of year is when I like to hustle the most with my fitness routine.  I use inspiration from those Miami bikini babes to get motivated.. Even though I may not be running around in my bikini right now, I’m going to look good enough to, by this holiday season…

Here’s a couple of fun things those sexy Miami babes are doing to shred that stubborn belly fat while lifting and toning their toosh.images-7

RealRyder Inferno:  Picture indoor cycling but on a bike (called a RealRyder) that pivots side to side so you can lean into twisting trails, just like on an alfresco ride (you might feel like you’re outside, too, in this studio of wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling windows!). Twice, you’ll crank the resistance to slow-pedal while you do 15-minute lifting sessions with 3-pound weights.  The instability of the bike works your core, which in time means a flat slim midsection.

DanceStreetLab:  The sounds of Miami—Latin rap, Jamaican reggae and salsa—accompany music video–esque moves. And you don’t have to be Shakira to hang. The first three songs are your warm-up, and the steps you learn (slowly!) provide the foundation for mastering the rest of the hour-long class.

Watch this!!


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