Brazil’s Booty Contest Brings Out The Beautiful “Meloncias”!!




The women of Brazil are known for the curves.  This is due in large part to their lifestyles, which revolve around outdoor activities and a balanced diet that includes a number of exotic fruits, vegetables and staples like beans and rice.   In celebration of the beautiful curves, Brazil holds an annual beauty pageant, known as the ‘Miss Bum-Bum Competition.’


Brazil’s ‘Miss Bum-Bum Competition’ brings out the country’s curviest, most voluptuous physiques, and last year’s winner, Dai Macedo, is at the top of her class!  When asked how she keeps her amazing figure, Miss Macedo said, “It’s a lot of work, devotion.  I denied myself a lot of things.”  Her sacrifice has sure paid off, and it shows in those incredible curves!



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