Kim Kardashian Comes Face-To-Face With Kanye Impersonator In Blackface

austria-vienna-opera-ball-2014Kim Kardashian the Butt Of Another Joke?

Okay, so there are probably books out there packed with only jokes about Kim Kardashian. She even appeared on The Tonight Show’s final show with Jay Leno to make fun of the fact that she was the butt of so many of his jokes.

But to be hounded by a man in blackface proclaiming to be Kanye? We read on the The New York Daily News site that Kardashian was invited to be the date of Austrian businessman Richard Lugner for the Vienna Opera Ball, but that the appearance was anything but a ball for Kardashian.    


7 Tips For Getting Rid of Stubborn Belly Fat!

imagesHow Do I Lose Weight In My Stomach

Yes, you have to stop eating fast and processed food! Yes, you have to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables! There’s no way around it! But here are seven easy ways to add more fruits and vegetables into your diet.

Seven Tips For Seven Servings Fruits/Veggies a Day, Via Oxygen Magazine

1) Store pre-chopped raw veggies in the fridge for snack
2) Start every dinner with a small salad
3) Scramble your eggs with diced peppers and mushrooms, or whatever vegetable you prefer, we also enjoy spinach
4) Throw an apple in your purse every morning, and eat it between breakfast and lunch with some natural peanut butter
5) Add a cup of spinach to the blender for your fruit smoothie
6) Top your sandwich with tomatoes and cucumbers
7) Eat an orange for dessert instead of a cookie, etc

Curvy Diet supplements can also help curb cravings, while plumping you up in all the right places! Also, check out herbal firming cream for your butt, it lifts and smooths! And don’t forget your sit-ups, and here are some other exercises you could try out. Stay curvy, ladies!

Natural Hair Revolution!

Natural Hair Care

We were surfing the web — as we tend to do to keep on top of health/fitness/beauty trends — and we just discovered that Essence magazine has a whole online category titled “Natural Hair Revolution.” Check some of the posts out, we didn’t realize there was a natural hair event called Naptural Attraction!

Healthy Sex Tips!

black_coupleHow To Enjoy Sex More

We know this is a blog about health and fitness and bootys, but sex also factors into a healthy lifestyle! Not just how you do it, or how much you do it — but also how you feel about yourself while doing it. We don’t always agree with the “sex tips” in magazines, but this article — although awfully titled “Top Sex Mistakes Women Make” (how about “Top Tips For Better Sex”?) — has some great tips to boost confidence, communication, and attitude in the bedroom. They list 10 “mistakes,” but here are our top favorites:

Thinking sex ends when he climaxes. “Just because he’s fulfilled doesn’t mean you are. Let him know you haven’t finished and help him find ways to get you there with his hands or mouth. If he’s consistently too wiped out to give you the attention you deserve, have your needs met before his next time.”

Obsessing about your body. “The numbers on the scale aren’t what you’d like… so what…weight is no excuse for avoiding sex. Or maybe your weight is fine, but you’re fixating on another flaw. Guess what? If he wants to have sex with you, he thinks you’re sexy. If your self-image is hindering your sex life, consult a therapist, join a support group, read a self-help book, or check out Get Out of Your Head… and into Bed!

Analyzing his equipment malfunction. “This happens to every guy, but it’s still an awkward moment for both. Unless deflated sails are an ongoing problem, don’t make a big deal about it. Delving into the psychology of why he’s gone flat and what it means only makes the situation worse. Who knows, he could’ve had a vision of his grandmother that made him lose his erection. Follow his lead. If he’s done, move on. But if he feels he can rally, keep going and try something else… There are so many things you can do in bed together that don’t require an erect penis. Let him to focus on you for a few minutes.”

Read more tips here, and be sure check out the all-natural, curve-boosting supplements and firming cream of the Curvy Diet program!

No Sugar Added Sweet Treat!

Banana Oat Breakfast CookiesSweet Tooth

A sweet every now and then is okay! The problem comes when you start eating sugar, and then you can’t stop, so you end up overeating. Why does that happen? Because sugar works like heroin in the body! You eat some, and then you’re high and then you crash, and then you want more. Yeah. Gross. So if you want a sweet treat, here’s a recipe that should curb those cravings, and not induce the crash/binge cycle.

—3 mashed bananas (ripe)
—1/3 cup apple sauce
—2 cups oats
—1/4 cup almond milk
—1/2 cup raisins (optional)
—1 tsp vanilla
—1 tsp cinnamon

Bake at 350 for 15-20 minutes and enjoy! Just one small piece! Don’t eat the whole thing! Put in the freezer for later if anything!

Get Healthy. Get Curvy.

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102 Soup Recipes!

How To Eat Right

Yes, we know it’s hard to plan your meals each week so you stay on track. An easy way to do this is to make a huge batch of soup for the week! Soup is awesome because you can make a few batches, eat one for one week, and freeze the other two for the coming weeks! Easy peasy! And it fills you up, and you can pack it with all the vegetable goodies your body needs, in whatever flavor combination you prefer! Stick with the Curvy Diet to build that body! Check out over 100 soup recipes!


Start Today, It’s Tomorrow’s Yesterday!

Inspirational Quote

Get it, girls!