The 30-Day Curves Challenge!

Get a Firm Ass!

If you’ve ordered with us before, you received our kick-ass 30-Day Curves Challenge poster — it’s a meal and fitness plan that you can post in your home/office, and will help you get the most out of the curves_challenge_v1.6.4_FULLSIZE_FIN_19X27_InteractiveCurvy Diet supplements and cream. Of course, you have to do the work laid out for you! So do it! If you want or need another one of these snazzy posters to keep your hot ass in line, you can order here.

The challenge is easy — just do the squats and crunches laid out each day. And pick from the foods listed in the categories BREAKFAST (select two, such as a banana and Greek yogurt); LUNCH (select two, such as a skinless grilled chicken breast and an avocado); and DINNER  (select one protein such as grilled salmon, and two sides such as steamed collard greens and sweet potatoes). Then keep taking your Perfect Curves supplements as directed, slathering the Perfect Curves firming cream on your tush and hips, and watching your figure transform.

Stick with it ladies, you got this! You’re on your way to the finest phatty ever!


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