Avoid These Foods for a Curvy Booty!

rosa-acosta-4Thicker, Bigger Butt

You can’t get a hot body if you eat garbage! Okay, stop crying. We know, it sucks. But we want you to succeed — you have to eat good fats, not crap fats, to healthfully grow your ass — so kick these trans fat foods to the curb, girl!

These foods are now on your shit list:
—Bacon (sorry!)
—Fried foods (and any greasy foods!)
—Hot dogs
—Fast foods (no more drive-thru Big Macs!)
—TV dinners
—Ice cream

So you’re eating right, and doing your daily exercises. Are you taking your Perfect Curves supplements and using the Perfect Curves Body Firming Butter? Our products have aguaje (“uh-gwah-hay”) fruit extracts, known in Brazil as “the curvy fruit” because it naturally enhances your boobs and butt! Holla!


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