Smoother, Younger-Looking Skin!

Maria Lupe Brazilian BikiniGet Rid of Wrinkles!

Change is a part of life, ladies! But there are some ways that you can combat wrinkles — as well as stretch marks and skin creases — and keep your skin healthy. Vitamin E oil is like lube for your complexion: It hydrates, and retains and restores the elasticity that degrades with age. Our Curvy Diet Vita E Oil is like Vitamin E with a punch! It contains the highest level of tocopherol 56,000 I.U. and is packed with nutrients, such as Vitamins A and K, and antioxidants that feed and protect your skin.

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How Do I Get a Better Complexion?

The main causes of skin damage, that accelerate the wrinkle/aging process, are:

1) Ultraviolet radiation from the sun
2) Excessive intake of alcohol
3) Smoking cigarettes

So what does that mean?

1) Wear sunscreen every day! There are many foundations/powders on the market right now that have sunscreen built right in.
2) Quit drinking so much! If you do binge, make sure you drink at LEAST an equal amount of water — alcohol dehydrates your body, drying out your skin!
3) Quit smoking already! We don’t have to tell you why. But if you need a vain reason, here’s one: It makes your skin look like absolute crap!

Our Vita E Oil helps reverse the effects of sun, alcohol and smoking damage, and also protects your skin against environmental elements, such as pollution, while smoothing away wrinkles. The amazing oil also helps fight acne, discoloration, scarring and eczema. Order a bottle today, and start seeing the results! Visit the Curvy Diet website for Vita E Oil, or call 800-505-6350!


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