Kim Kardashian Confronts the Butt Haters! … And Two Simple Moves For a Firmer Butt!


The Kim Kardashian Complex

Can we all just leave Kim Kardashian’s ass alone? Unless we’re praising it? We woke up bright and early this morn to a Facebook post from online-news outlet Jezebel, pointing out a recent tweet from Kim Kardashian:


Yeah Kim, you tell ’em! (BTW, you can follow Curvy Diet on Twitter here!) Also, here’s our blog reminding everyone about the dangers of PMMA butt injections. And check out our Curvy Diet plan for how to boost your butt naturally — with the aguaje fruit from Brazil, known as the “curvy fruit” for its curve-boosting plant estrogen. And in that vein, here’s a very short video featuring two simple exercises to firm and tone your backside. Keep it curvy, ladies!


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