Are You Addicted to Sugar? 14 Mind-Blowing Facts

Sugar Addict

If you tend to overeat, have food cravings you can’t control, need more and more food in order to boost your mood, are an emotional eater, feel sluggish after eating, or have work/social problems due to your relationship with food (i.e are overweight/irritable), you may be addicted to sugar.

We found this interesting graphic with facts about sugar over at MindGreenBody. Two of the greatest books we’ve ever read, which lay out a diet plan to actually deal with sugar addiction (even allowing you to eat fast food in the beginning as long as you’re getting protein with each meal), are “Potatoes Not Prozac” (most recent and recommended) and “The Sugar Addict’s Total Recovery Program” by Kathleen DesMaisons. They are worth the read, and you won’t believe the difference you feel once you’ve kicked your sugar addiction. Everyday press is finally backing up DesMaison’s reference to research that shows that sugar affects the same part of the brain as heroin.



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