Train Your Wiast

Train Your Waist For An Hour Glass Figure!

Ladies, if you want an hourglass figure, you have to work for it! Not only by sticking with our diet and great workout plan, but with another kind of training- waist training.

Its a great idea to invest in a garment that will help contour your mid-section to give you that hourglass shape. Another natural way to cinch your waist includes doing herbal body wrap two to three a week, for 8 hours at a time a week. Wrap your midsection with plastic wrap coated with petroleum jelly or coconut oil. This treatment will moisturize your skin and train your waist to the ideal form you’re looking for! Now ladies don’t get confused when focusing on your waist area. Some might misinterpret that tight-lacing or waist training are similar method to help contour your waist. Some corset companies use the terms interchangeably, which can be confusing or possibly even dangerous because saying that a corset is designed for “waist training”, a client may come along with an entirely different idea of what “waist training” really is, and may end up using the corset in a way that it was not designed for. So when a corset company claims it to be appropriate for waist training, be very careful about how they define that term before you invest.


Some people say that tight lacing is anything beyond a 4 inch reduction. This may be challenging if you have a natural 24 waist, but easy if you have a 40 waist. Others say that tight-lacing is anything more than 20% reduction, which would obviously be different if you are starting from a different size. This would be the equivalent of a person with a 24 waist lacing down to about 19, while the person with the 40 natural waist being able to lace down to 32. Still others say that tight lacing is arbitrary and dependent on the individual’s personal squishiness, tolerance to restriction, etc. Therefore two people with the same starting waist may each cinch down to a different point, they may have a different apparent hip spring, etc. but as long as they are laced to the point where it is a ‘challenging’ (but not painful) reduction, each may be considered a tight lacier in their own right.


Just like weight training, voice training or marathon training, waist training is something that you work at over time. It involves a certain intention, end goal, consistent work and dedication. Can you still be called a waist trainer?

If you are just starting out with waist training and you cannot tolerate high reductions, then you can still call it waist training if you want. Some people wear their corsets all day, every day at a 2-3 inch reduction, which to most lacier’s would likely not be classified as “tight-lacing”. If you’re petite with a natural 22 waist and you can’t lace down that much – or even if you’re larger but you just can’t tolerate a lot of pressure – but you are dedicated and try to wear your corset on a near-daily basis, don’t let anybody tell you “that’s not waist training”.

If you can tight lace, and you do so every day (even if you only do it because you enjoy it and don’t have particular goals), some might consider this to be waist training as well. You can be a tight-lacer without waist training, and you can waist train without being a tight-lacer (to a point). But many people are both at the same time, if they can achieve high reductions for long durations on a daily basis.