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Fruits and vegetables have always been highly encouraged in one’s diet. But these days we tend to buy juices and foods from stores that may include the fruits and veggies, but they also have a lot of additives, preservatives, and sugar, which actually act as an impediment to the healthy, fit, curvy body you desire!

You can now easily cleanse your body of all the toxins that come from other foods and drinks with easy to make juice blends at home! You can control exactly what you’re putting in your body. With the right recipes of fruits and vegetables in your juicer, you will notice your skin brighter, a boost in your energy, and weight loss!

These juices keep your skin hydrated, and provide a fantastic source of nutrition directly to your cells. They also act as a great recovery drink after a good work out.

The juice cleanse compliments all Herbal Tropic’s products most effectively, to help enhance your results to achieve an even curvier body! The beauty of this entire regiment is that you are combining the 100% all natural Herbal Tropics supplements (that contain nutrients from Acai Berry, Plantains, and the Aguaje Fruit), the Brazilian Lift Challenge (workout routine), with an additional Juice cleanse! This healthy lifestyle will transform your body!

Are you concerned about stubborn belly fat? The Slim Waist Dietary Supplement will help reduce your waist line with a natural and holistic approach that will work with any diet. It has been formulated with herbs to reduce stress related weight gain. It is 100% stimulant free, and works by reducing Cortisol levels in the body. By combating this stress hormone you can reduce 45% of belly fat while fighting fatigue and stress, so you are calmer and relaxed through out the day!

Juice Recipes to Enhance Your Curves!

Bright Skin Juice

Bright Skin Juice

1 carrot
1 green apple
1 cup cantaloupe
1 orange

Green Hydrating Juice

4 ribs of celery
1 cucumber
1 green apple
1 handful spinach
1/2 lemon, peeled


Breakfast: Carrot Apple Ginger Juice

3 carrots

2 apples

1-in ginger


Mid-Morning Juice: Mean Green Juice

1 cucumber

4 celery stalks

2 apples

6 to 8 leaves kale

1/2 lemon

1-in ginger


Lunch: Gazpacho Juice

4 plum tomatoes

1 large cucumber

2 celery stalks

1 red bell pepper

1 small red onion

2 cups parsley (leaves and stems, roughly chopped)

1 lime


Afternoon Snack: Citrus Inspired Green Juice

6-8 leaves kale

8 leaves Swiss chard

1 cucumber

6 clementines


Pre-Dinner: Sunset Blend Juice

1 large sweet potato

1 medium carrot

1 red bell pepper

2 large red beets

2 Golden Delicious apples

1 orange (optional)



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PMMA Butt Injections: What Are They?

PMMA butt injections are not the answer:

PMMA buttocks injections —  if you haven’t already heard — are dangerous and banned by the US FDA. Many women searching for a way to enhance buttocks are traveling to countries such as South America and Mexico because because the cost of the drug is relatively low and readily available. But buyer beware!

PMMA: Get the real scoop — what is it made from?

Butt shots, PMMA Butt Shots, buttocks injections, brazilian butt lift, PMMA (polymethyl-methacrylate) fillers contain about 20 percent of tiny PMMA microspheres that are suspended in 80 percent of purified collagen gel. A few months after it’s injected, the collagen gel breaks down and your body produces its own natural collagen to fill out the space under the skin.

PMMA is made up of a biocompatible, biodegradable last generation substance which affects connective tissues. PMMA micro spheres are in charge of producing inner fibrous tissues growth as a human body’s natural reaction developed spontaneously by our self defense mechanisms to isolate foreign substances. Soft connective tissue strengthening along with PMMA carrier substance can provides instant volume to the buttocks. Orthopedics long discovered the use of PMMA bonding gel because it aids in the most effective post-surgery development; furthermore, HIV patients have for long had fat dystrophy condition treated by bioplasty with nothing but outstanding final results.

PMMA butt injections side effects:

The long term risk of PMMA injections may include but are limited to: irrigularities of the buttock, lumps at injection sites, disfigurement, and dystrophy of the the buttocks. Since it’s not FDA approved, it’s considered a highly dangerous substance that may result in permanent disfiguration or even DEATH.

Check out this video on PMMA Butt Shots

The Warning PMMA Butt Injections are they safe?

Again, in the USA, PMMA is not approved for safe, injectable use as a filler to add volume — making the drug a risk and danger to one’s health. And because the substance is not approved by the FDA, no trained licensed medical docctor would ever perform the treatment on any patients in the USA or Canada. The only way the drug can be admistrered is going out the country at your own risk.

In the news recently Canadian police are warning the public about dangerous “illegal buttock enhancement procedures” in the Greater Toronto Area, taking place in hotels or homes and leaving some women with serious medical complications. The procedures involve injecting a substance into the body that is advertised as PMMA or polymethylmetacrylate to enhance the appearance of their buttocks, police said in a public safety alert released on Monday.

Toronto police are warning about illegal buttock enhancement procedures involving injections of a subtance advertised as PMMA.
Toronto police are warning about illegal buttock enhancement procedures involving injections of a subtance advertised as PMMA. (Jack Dempsey/Associated Press)

“This type of procedure performed outside a medical facility is very dangerous and could result in long-lasting complications and, in some cases, even death,” police said in the statement.

Appointments and arrangements are usually made via email or referral, police said. The injector will go to the client’s home or a hotel room to perform the procedure. The services are typically paid for in cash, usually costing “thousands of dollars,” police said.

“Some of these women have developed serious medical complications requiring hospitalization,” it said.

Dr. Sammy Sliwin, a Toronto plastic surgeon, told CBC News he is concerned by recent cases of women coming to see him after getting injections of what they are told is PMMA.

Quality of illegal injections questionable, doctor says

PMMA is a fibreglass-based augmenter, normally used in small amounts in lips, reported the CBC’s Peter Akman.

But the women who have come to Sliwin for help are unsure what exactly was used in their enhancements.

“We asked her what it was, she had no idea,” he said. “She said someone came up from Miami to inject her. I asked, ‘was it a doctor?’ She said, ‘I have no idea.'”

Toronto police say a black market for these injections has sprung up in the city.

“They are prevalent for women in the entertainment industry, the exotic dancing industry,” said Toronto police Det. Louise Farrugia.

Based on price alone, most plastic surgeons doubt that it is actual medical grade PMMA being injected, Akman reported.

A silicone butt enhancement would cost roughly $8,500, and an injection of a person’s own fat would cost $6,500. But for medical grade PMMA, the cost could reach about $75,000, Akman reported.

“I am just not sure what the quality is,” said Sliwin.

Natural Choices for Buttocks Enhancement

Do you want to increase the size of your buttocks both naturally and painlessly without risky cosmetic surgery or PMMA butt shot? If so, try the natural choice with our Herbal Enhancements products. The Perfect Curves Pills offers you the most advanced formula for enhancing your buttocks in just 30-days! Call us for more information at 800-505-350 or visit our website.

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