Natural Skin Lightening


Stop wasting your time on bleaching creams because this supplement works in just 4 weeks to give you a healthy glow and brighter complexion. Have heads turning at your new and brighter look. This formula works so well because it offers the perfect combination of antioxidants that boost immunity from within while calming inflamed skin cells.

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Enjoy summer with a lighter complexion. The natural formula works while you’re asleep to repair and regenerate skin cells overnight. You can achieve a golden light complexion with a beautiful healthy glow. When taken daily, Golden Goddess will lighten pigment all over your body. 

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Chad Ochocinco probation violation

Chad Ochocinco in the news

This is Brennan with Herbal Tropics and I have a hot topic for you today! Did you knowochocinco, in the media news probation this cat ocho is in the news again for a probation vio;ation?  He needs to sit ASS down somewhere. He has too much talent to let a violation interfere with his career. He’s a well off individual who can pretty much buy what ever he wants. The best thing is  needs to do is seeks some counciling.  to get over his ex Evelyn Lazada.

This dude otta know better, you can’t be hitting women in the 21st century!


Get Your Best Booty Naturally

The Perfect Curves, Herbal Enhancement, Buttocks Enhancement, My Hot Secrets, Save on the Perfect Curves, Grow a Biigger Butt, Bigger Butt Pills,The best way to get revenge of your ex is to join our workout program and you can have results within thirty days. Some of you ladies may not know is that the best revenge is success and with our program you”ll achieve just that! Simply take our supplements and rub our enhancement cream on your body nightly while following our workout progream  and have your man melting with jelously next time he see’s you and your new boyfriend at the club this weekend.

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X-ing it Out

X factor, pigment reducer, acne, uneven skin tonesFade the Black

In this world we seem to be defined by how our bodies look and how are face is presented. Our faces seem to tell a story especially when its not a clean pallet. We intake foods and are exposed to air that is not necessarily the healthiest for our skin. It reveals scars from acne, age spotting and thanks to our beautiful sunshine we receive uneven skin tones. How can we enhance our beautiful skin and restore it back to its natural color?

X Marks the Spot!

A top product of ours the X-Factor has been helping women brighten their skin!! Its reducing the pigment of scars, discolorations, age spots, hyper pigmentation, and uneven skin tones. The formula is all natural, and contains no chemicals or synthetic ingredients. X factor can be used all over the body and even lightens the knees and elbows. Its formulated with Aloe Vera, pure Vitamin E, Gylcolic acid, and Botanical extracts, that reduce pigment upon contact

Curves Body-Shaping Undergarment


Derrier Enhancer

My Hot Secrets offers an extra-firm support with derriere enhancer and back control, THE CURVES BODY SHAPING under garment  is a braless body shaper that helps you get the figure you always wanted by instantly lifting, shaping, and slimming the body while flattening the stomach and lower belly pouch. The buttocks enhancer also gets rid of cellulite around the thighs. It allows you to add dimension and lift to your derriere by increasing the fat-transportation towards the rear buttocks area in a natural way.

How Does It Work?

The under garment slims and flattens the stomach and enhances all body areas (breast, stomach, waist, hip, thigh, buttock, leg, and all other body areas). It will help you get amazing results in just 30-days. Check us out at www.mysecrets.com.

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The Best For Your Breast!

Will My Breasts Get A Break

It can be embarrassing when you are a grown woman and still maintain the size of A to C cup, also it can be depressing when you have breast that sag and also carrying DD, or EE that a lot of times get in the way. Breast implants are becoming too risky for procedures, and getting breast lifts, is money that is not well spent. Is there a safer way of obtaining bigger firmer natural lift breast without the damaging risk?

Saved By the Pills & Cream

You probably thought that pills and cream would be the last solution to millions of women breast issues! Well you thought wrong! Our hot product the Bust Support Kits which consists of Dietary Supplements and Firming Creambreast, before, after, sagging that promote growth for the breast and buttocks naturally. The pills are made with fresh herbs that stimulate the growth of healthy breast tissues while firming and lifting the body! The cream has estrogen properties that add fullness and volume to the breasts and butt it smooths and fades stretchmarks. Check out our products!!!

Perfect Curves

Dietary Supplements

Naturally enhancing your hips and buttocks has never been more easier! Simply following the steps in ourPerfect Curves Kit. It’s that simple just take two of our herbal supplements in the morning before breakfast then remember to massage our herbal contouring gel onto your buttocks before bedtime.

The herbal buttocks firming butter is the Second Step in our Perfect Curves Kit. The herbal butters in our luxurious creams that hips and buttocks area to amplifes the curviness to your hips and buttocks area.Our unique formulation will increase fullness the buttocks in just about three days. This herbal formula is made with Brazilian Butters, Organic Nut Oil, and Super Aguaje Fruit, and Botanicals Extracts it will make the buttocks heavier and voluminous with increased fatty tissue production

Get a Better Butt with this Workout — Now you can get a Round, Hard, and Sexy Booty! 

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Floyd Mayweather the 90 MILLION Dollar MAN!

The MONEY MATTER in Mayweather’s world


Floyd Mayweather Jr. 

has lived up to his nickname (MONEY) again in 2013.

The boxer known as “Money” has made lots MULAH! — an estimated $90 million — so far this year!!! His earning amount to much more than any other athlete in the U.S., or the entire world for that matter.

For the second year in a row, Mayweather tops Sports Illustrated’list of the highest-earning American athletes. The rankings use estimates that combine salary, winnings and endorsements — although Mayweather’s earnings come solely from hi

s fight with Robert Guerrero earlier this month and his upcoming September bout w

ith Saul “Canelo” Alvarez.

It Pays to Get Knock-Out Curves in just 30-Days! 


Ladies its a workout that will challenge you to beat the challenge!

The Brazilian Curves Challenge pushes you above and beyond your expectations so you can achieve those knockout curves in just 30-days!

Having a great figure and a nice body and pays dividends, first it’s self rewarding and second it’s attracts others, third it opens up doors for new and exciting opportunities!

Renee Tenison playmate of the Month in November 1989 and Playmate of the Year in 1990 credits her curvaceous shapely figure to her career at Playboy.  The playmate was discovered after being noticed in a crowed of people!

The Perfect Curves kit, comes complete with our herbal supplements the Body Firming Butter

 Together these two  reButt Enhancement, Buttocks Enlargement, Bigger Butt, Perfect Curves Pills, Butt Shots, Shapewear, Body Shapers, Butt Pads, Breast Enlargementvolutionary products pair  perfectly to give you  a bigger and better  buttocks naturally! along with a super slim waistline!!

Perfect Curves Kit, the supplements and the butt firming cream


With our  butt enhancing Perfect Curves supplements will enlarge the size of your buttocks. With all natural vitamins and raw nutrients derived from 100% whole fruit the organic supplements shapes, contours, and defines your every curve! The fiber and antioxidants found in the fruit targets belly fat to reduce your waist while slimming your midsection!



Flat Butts out Brazilian Butts In

Enhancing Naturally (No Injections)

The Perfect curves is the product kit Dietary Supplements and firming butter that will get you from flat booty to a round sexy butt! Its made from whole fruit grown in Brazil containing tropical nutrients, vitamins and fiber to help promote better nutrition and weight loss! Adding more fullness to your hip and butt releasing estrogen extracted from whole fruit.perfect curves, butter, brazil

Make my Flat Butt Grow

The Perfect Curves product results in a hormone stimulation that increases fatty tissue production naturally. This fat production comes from your own fat reserves! The dietary supplements along with the Herbal Body Firming Butter will definitely get you that big booty that you always wanted making you look and feel great!

Goodbye, Bellyfat!

The good thing is Slim Waist is an all natural dietary supplement that has been formulated with amazing ingredients that target belly fat and slims the waistline. The supplements acts as a magnet to trap stubborn stored belly fat around the stomach and waist while preventing it from returning. The results are an astonishing flat stomach and slim waistline. 

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