Up for the Challenge:

the results are Astounding!!!


Check out the PERFECT CURVES and the 30 day Booty Challenge.

Getting it Tight, Got to get it Right!






Setting New Goals:

Getting back on track….

Although, there is a chill in the air… and at times I can barely get out of bed, its challenging to keep up with my fitness routine!!  women-getting-up

That is when I pick up the phone and call the Motivational coaches at Herbal Tropics!! (800.505.6350)

Herbal Tropics, is the Number One, Brazilian Diet and fitness Brand in America…

I trust this product because its made from Natural fruit extracts from Brazil..with that in mind, I call my coach and they encourage me to get  back on track, with small steps leading back to my goal: to loose weight.


Small tip of the day…“Get UP and Show UP”!!

Getting into the Habit of working out can be hard, but the coaches of Herbal Tropics, suggest showing up. Its the habit of being present..


the solutions of showing up, with the idea- you’ll work out when you get there.

So simple and effective.

This week,

I am going to “SHOW UP!!”


MM ..

the perfect curves supplements, myhotsecrets butt enhancement weight loss product

The 30-Day Curves Challenge

“OMG, I grew four inches to my butt in just one-month… with the 30-Day Curves Challenge”!!!  – Tina Moss

30 - Day Curves Challenge

Following the Challenge was Simple, I took the supplements, did the workout and applied the herbal cream immediately after. And my butt grew bigger and bigger four inches in just a month. Can you get the same results of course you can if you follow the challenge. It’s that easy! 

#1. Take the Supplements !!!

The Perfect Curves kit, comes complete with our herbal supplements the Body Firming Butter together these two revolutionary products pair perfectly to give you a bigger and better buttocks naturally!

The butt enhancing Perfect Curves supplements will enlarge the size of your buttocks. With all natural vitamins and raw nutrients derived from 100% whole fruit the organic supplements shapes, contours, and defines your every curve! The fiber and antioxidants found in the fruit targets belly fat to reduce your waist while slimming your midsection.

The Body Firming Butter increases fatty tissue production to the hips and buttocks. This butt stimulator works in just three short days to firm and tone your glutes. The intense herbal complex stimulates estrogen to plumps-up every curve to your buttocks and hips while smoothing and toning your skin with exotic herbal butters tone skin while diminishing stretch marks and cellulite.

The body shaping Perfect Curves herbal supplements will enlarge the size of your buttocks. With all natural vitamin and raw nutrients derived from 100% organic fruit the whole food supplements shapes, contours, and defines your curves. The fiber and antioxidants found in the fruit targets belly fat to reduce your waist while slimming your midsection.

2. Follow the Workout Routine!!  

bigger butt, build a bigger a butt, larger butt

To fool-proof workout program called the 30-Day Curves Challenge is a unique workout plan that’s tailored to you. Finally you can get those results you desire a firm lifted rear and round curvier buttocks. The Challenge is simple do the squats and crunches as recommended follow the program and discover amazing results in just two weeks!



 Want radiant skin?

  want reduced skin blemishes?


 Try Herbal Tropics, Vita C Skin Capsules, with pure vitamin C derived from Fresh Berries.

Get rid of dark spots, dry patches and that always unwanted acne?



takeVita C, which will help

your cells to combat problematic skin conditions…

            BOOST IMMUNITY,

IMPROVE YOUR  Overall HEALTH, & Much, much, More!

Check Out the Below Video, for more facts on Vitamin C!

The Perfect Curves – How to grow a Bigger Booty!

How to grow that Booty Naturally!

The Perfect Curves, is a revolutionary new product to amplify the natural curves of a woman’s body. This dietary supplement is made from whole fruit grown in Brazil. The supplement contains tropical nutrients, vitamins, and fiber to help promote better nutrition and weight loss.

Finally a solution is here… to the pondering question on every woman’s mind… How Do I Grow A Bigger Booty without Surgery???

This Brazilian diet will also add more fullness to your hip and buttock area by releasing estrogen (derived from natural sources) extracted from Whole Fruit itself. This combination of these organic and fresh elements released into the

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body, not only leaves a woman feeling rejuvenated, but even more feminine! And you’ll notice weight loss combined with body contouring benefits. And best of all with the formula you achieve a natural lift and more shapely curves in just 6 weeks. If you like this formula, you may also be interested in our Buttocks Contouring Crème  (see below)

Perfect Curves – Herbal Body Firming Butter

The Body Firming Butter is a remarkable treatment that contours the curve to your buttocks; the herbal cream is massaged onto both your hips and buttocks at night. The herbal cream has estrogenic properties that add fullness and volume to your buttocks while firming, lifting, and shaping every curve to your lower body. This natural formula will increase voluminous curves to the buttocks while smoothing and fading away cellulite and stretch marks. Most of our customers report NOTICEABLE RESULTS in just THREE DAYS, with this new herbal treatment. The formula contains natural organic herbs, raw butters, essential oils, and exotic fruit extracts from 100% all natural sources.


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cs_moisture_extreme_model_img Rita-Ora_BEAT



GO AHEAD Layer it on

               and give someone a BIG KISS!!


Love,Wink,wink Lexi

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Color Me Bronze!!

Get Ready!!!

As summer approaches its time to get those Bods looking Golden and Flawless….


Dark and Lovely,


     Golden and Bronze..


 Get the Herbal Tropical Tanner, the  Brazilian natural skin darkening topical that goes on cool and refreshing!!!

Get ready to GLOW GIRL!!!!


Check out these videos about 5 steps to healthy skin:

Check out this video about how Ethnic Women can tan too!