Top Sexting Tips!



How to Sext

Ladies, please abide by The Golden Rule of Sexting: Don’t send anything to anyone who you don’t trust fully and completely, and don’t send anything to them that they haven’t already sent to you (i.e. photos etc)!

That being said, here are some sexting guidelines we gleaned from Canadian Living:

1) Take things slow! Ease into things, just like sex! Be suggestive at first, not explicit. Always take your time before pressing “send” so you don’t accidentally sext the wrong person!

2) Say things like, “I want to…” — don’t say “we never…” or “you never…”

3) Stroke the ego! This gets men hot like nothing else.

4) Even if you trust your partner wholeheartedly, it still might be best to leave your face out of photos. It’ll leave something to the imagination! If you’re worried about being recognized by an incidental third party, cover any tattoos with a temporary tattoo, or add one where you don’t have one.

5) Don’t send sexts to someone who doesn’t want them! That’s the biggest turn-off, and surest way to get yourself in trouble.

6) Once you’ve enjoyed your sexts, delete them — unless you don’t mind your children or a phone thief seeing them!


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